Extreme Kayak Fishing-Big Island Hawaii


For those of us that love deep sea fishing, there is nothing like the aroma of sea water and diesel fuel. It brings out the sea hunter-fisherman in all of us. After a couple more very expensive boat rides, off the coast of Kona Hawaii; I came upon a new adventure, that doesn’t require diesel fuel and only a few folks would dare to do; But I know you’re out there. 

For big game hunters,  “extreme” means days in the wilderness far from civilization, where a wrong move could kill you. For ocean fisherman, extreme means you, on the water in a small craft with medium tackle and big fish below. This is where Extreme Kayak Fishing Hawaii was born. 

Rob Wong Yuen is a Hawaiian, who lives and breathes the sea. He has an uncanny ability to find Tuna, Wahoo, Mahi- Mahi, and yes, Marlin.  His knowledge of the currents and the haunts of bait fish are his gifts; while fish finders and live wells are his tools. Knowing where the predators do their hunting is his specialty. 

Rob and Marlin 1

I have personally kayak fished several times now and am telling you, I am hooked! There is nothing like fighting a pelagic in a kayak. There is also nothing like winning the fight! Rob has several videos of his pelagic fights, but this one is my all-time favorite! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhzsxX39VMU. For more exciting videos, go to youtube and search “Extreme Kayak Fishing Hawaii”. Once you see these for yourself, you will be ready to figure out a way to go with Rob. If you’re anything like me, (adrenaline junkie) you too will want to try this deep sea adventure!

Jim with Wahoo 3

Let us hook you up with Rob to experience a true Hawaiian culture in ocean fishing. This all takes place in the calm waters off the big island of Hawaii. You will have your own Kayak which means, you will need to exert yourself by paddling to the fishing zones. Your physical fitness is crucial and obviously if you have aversions to being over deep water this might not be for you. As the name says, it is extreme fishing. Give me a call, if you want to hear about my experiences with Rob. 

Jim on Rob with Catch


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